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When we set out to make our never fried fries, our chefs experimented with four different cuts. After hours of bickering, boasting and sobbing over the sheer deliciousness of them all, we decided to bring the choice to you.

CravOn<sup>®</sup>  Ripple Cut Fries

CravOn® Ripple Cut Fries

Guaranteed a seat at every family gathering, our Ripple Cut Fries are loved by every mouth they meet.

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CravOn<sup>®</sup>  Steak Cut Fries

CravOn® Steak Cut Fries

If you love beefy fries, let these melt in your mouth for exuberant potato goodness that’s always sure to please.

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CravOn<sup>®</sup> Diamond Cut Fries

CravOn® Diamond Cut Fries

Diamonds are everyone’s best friend. Savor these au naturel for the winsome taste of sea salt and olive oil.

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CravOn<sup>®</sup> Anytime Diced Fries

CravOn® Anytime Diced Fries

Bake ’em up to serve with your favorite eggs, or dole ’em out as a snack that’s deliciously true to its roots.

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